Trends and Statistics in Digital Printing of Textiles Trends and Statistics in Digital Printing of Textiles Trends and Statistics in Digital Printing of Textiles

Trends and Statistics in Digital Printing of Textiles


According to Smithers Group's analysis of the future of digital printing for textiles by 2021, it is confirmed that this industry segment will continue to have strong growth over the period 2017-2021. The study shows that a total of 870 million square meters of fabrics are printed on Digital equipment in 2016 and are worth 1.29 billion dollars. This fast and profitable market expansion is fueled by a number of factors, including technical innovations and evolving end-user requirements. 

Digital printing technology can gain market share not only from conventional textile printing technologies but also from other dyeing and decoration methods, and offers textile companies a wide range of new features, including shorter, more localized loops for deliveries and customization capabilities in large volumes. As one of the hottest printing markets, the Fespa 2017 International Exhibition in Hamburg has consolidated the general public's view of the ever-growing interest in this market. A large part of the visitors to this part of the exhibition were end users of fashion retail and wholesale, as well as representatives of a wide range of companies that are active in the textile printing industry. The main reason for the presence of many of these people was the opportunity to discuss and explore new opportunities in this promising, high-growth market. 

In the InfoTrends FESPA 2015 Census Survey, over 1,000 respondents reported that 22% of their business was due to fabrics and textiles. This significant percentage is due to consumer demand for a product that meets their needs and the textile industry as a whole goes from mass production to mass customization.

Mirage Group as a company with a lot experiance in the digital printing market and exhibitor at Fespa 2017 in Hamburg is well aware of the opportunities that the digital printing market offers for textiles. As a result, at the end of 2015 a "Textile Department" was created as part of the company's "Sales Department". As a team that always strives to be familiar with all the innovations and trends in the sphere, the company sold three machines from one of the largest manufacturers on the market - D-gen printers and Transmatic calendars. Sales were made on:

D-gen Teleios Hexa - direct printing printer for textiles. Built-in infrared latch. Very suitable for the advertising industry.
D-gen Papyrus G5 - a sublimation printer (Thermal Transfer Printing).
Transmatic Calander 6540 SPORT - Specially designed for digital dyeing and stamping of clothing and other industries that require cut panels or engineering prints.


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