The new HP Latex R1000 The new HP Latex R1000 The new HP Latex R1000

The new HP Latex R1000


HP Latex R1000 is the new addition to the HP R Series after HP Latex R2000. Like the previous machine of this series, R1000 is designed for printing on flexible and rigid materials using HP Latex Rigid Printing Technology and HP Latex White Ink.


Unlike the R2000, which is designed for professionals in wide-format printing that require an efficient workflow without interruption. With the HP Latex R1000 Printer, the company aims to offer maximum capabilities with one machine. It is designed for developing companies with limited investment opportunities and space. The machine offers printing on a wide range of flexible and rigid materials with one set of inks. The applications are in retail outlets, outdoor advertising, window graphics, events and exhibitions and decoration.


The new machine has three-liter ink containers, unlike the larger model, with a volume of five liters. The printer works with materials up to 1.64m wide and up to 5cm thick. R2000 maintains a width of up to 2.5m at the same thickness.


The HP R1000 offers:

High print quality - HP thermal ink heads and new latex inks deliver a wide color gamut to solid materials while retaining the glossy finish of the material and have no unpleasant odor.

White ink printing - HP Latex White Ink provides a white with glossy effect of transparent and colorful materials and minimizes the loss between regular and white printing. Heads can be removed and stored, and automatic maintenance makes white behave like any other color, including automatic recirculation and nozzle check.

Reliability and versatility - HP Latex Overcoat 3 adds water-based, durable and flexible ink for good adhesion and scratch resistance. Lower drying temperatures allow more types of materials to be printed.

Efficiency - A productive workflow with a conveyor allows users to handle heavy workloads and short deadlines. The speed is up to 50 square meters per hour. Rolls with flexible printing materials can weigh up to 60 kg.



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