Mirage Group with a brand new logo

Mirage Group with a brand new logo


Our company Mirage Group has started to make some changes, some of which you already know about, some of them –coming ahead. 
Change is a certain and a positive thing in life and everyone should be able to accept it for himself. We chose our moment and now we gladly share our new beginning with you, our partners, customers and friends. Our aim is to confirm our good will to build a good and new image of the company, to express our values. 
Mirage Group changes its Logo occupying the ancient symbol ( ıYı ) as the basis for the logo in the first letter “M” of Mirage. 
The sign ( ıYı ) has been the symbol of the old Bulgarian state for centuries in the past and has been the symbol of the Royal Bulgarian Dulo family that founded and established the First Bulgarian Kingdom, succeeded by the modern Bulgarian state. The ancient symbol becomes the symbol of our company group diversified into five market destinations in different geographical and different country regions: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Malta and Kenya. 
We take something valuable and sustainable from the past to build something new, but significant and worthy to believe in, that can lead us to the Future with dignity. We believe, that only those that value and remember the past are capable to build a future that can leave a lasting sign in time.
We remain your long-standard partner that you can rely on, the technological leader in the digital print world, providing the best brands in a complete solution. Our business solutions will always provide the best opportunities for your business.
We offer you the highest standards for technical service of the only certified and qualified service technicians for your machines. We stand behind our words with action and responsibility. 
Thank you for giving us the opportunity and chance to work together and together to achieve our goals and visions!


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